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The Exceptional Eight

From your favourite Curry Mixes, to our famous Ceylon Black Pepper and the sweetest Cinnamon you will find, our Exceptional Eight has what it takes to make your taste buds explode with flavour!

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The Sensational Six

Introducing our Sensational Six! Gift your loved ones an authentic taste of Sri Lankan cuisine with our curated bundle pack. It offers you great value for your money and is also perfect for daily use.

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The Fiery Foursome

Introducing our fiery foursome! Our foursome might be small in number, they have all the fiery flavour needed to make your taste buds pop! Gift it to a loved one or to yourself for daily use!

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Sweet Cinnamon

Introducing our Sweet Cinnamon bundle! With two varieties for 3 pounds less, our bundle deal is as sweet as our Cinnamon. Gift it to a loved one in need of some sweetness or to yourself for daily use.

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Introducing Ceylon Black Pepper!

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Authentic Ceylon Curry Spice Mixes

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Sustainable locally sourced organic produce from different regions of Sri Lanka. Ready to eat products are manufactured sustainably under the global standards of such, to bring the best of Ceylonese flavours to the world.

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Behind the Counter

At the Ceylon Condiment Central, we believe that good food and quality ingredients should be available to everyone without it being a luxury. We strongly believe that we owe it to the world to give out these flavorsome condiments that make our South Asians taste buds spring of joy.

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We Supply

We provide the finest quality spices with its authentic aroma and flavor. Extracting such utilizing the centuries long tradition coupled with latest technologies to bring  genuine and most pure flavours of ceylon.

Our Community

At the Ceylon Condiment Central we believe that community involvement is undeniably the best quality of a corporate entity. It is our firm thought that there is an incredible value in being of service to the others, in light of that all operations of CCC are carried sustainably under fair trade regulations and as an organization we are patrons to women empowerment, most of our valuable employees who work hard for our success are women who are  breadwinners of their community.

All I can say is you get what you pay for! This has a real sweet and fresh taste compared to what I've tried before and who knew - it was amazing with some hot chocolate and I've tried it with ice cream!

Dan Bolton

I was gifted cinnamon sticks and powder by a friend, and wasn't sure what the difference would be compared to normal supermarket cinnamon.

Jane Hargreeves

I chose their cinnamon sticks and powder. Never tasted anything like it, wow. It’s so fresh and delicious across keema and in pancakes. Puts the supermarket stuff to shame. Very prompt and efficient service too. Highly highly recommend and have already told family and friends about this company.


The product came super fast and well packaged. The quantity is great and the product is super high quality. I'm glad I tried as I will be ordering again from here.

Kirsty Randle

Arrived on time, one item was wrong but it was dealt with immediately that I informed them. Would recommend them